22 December 2011

Hi, Kiddies! I'm back! (sort of)

Hello there! I am back from my floating Caribbean journey, and while I wish I could tell you that I am refreshed and full of verve, I must be honest and tell you that I'm sick in bed. Maybe with a virus. I've got a weird and extremely unpleasant combination of sinus pain-cum-neck pain and nausea. Yesterday morning things got explosive and quite disgusting. I'm a little better today and will see the doctor this afternoon. Living on a diet of ginger ale and saltines, which gets old quick.

Well, I have lots and lots to write about.

Geriatrics are deranged and a menace to society. (I have proof.) Gilead is a most lovely book. I may be sick of mysteries. (Heaven forfend!) Cruising involves moral conflict. Everyone should go visit the Sloth Sanctuary in Lim<´>n, Costa Rica. I love snorkeling!, when it's not inducing asthma-related panic. I'm too ADD to really appreciate the Panama Canal, apparently. Princess Cruise Lines will be receiving a detailed letter about the emotional and thus marketing effects of nickel-and-diming its customers to death.

Uh oh. Starting to feel queasy. Gotta go. Be back later.