19 January 2012

No Problems, Just Resistance

I struggle with depression. While it's not the soul-sucking vortex of self-loathing and shame that it was a long time ago, it still presents itself. A grey cloud that follows me around, giving me a headache. You know? Well, I figured out quite some time ago that depression is good for exactly nothing. When you're still becoming a real person, in your teens and twenties, you think there might be something of value in the pit of suffering. After all, lots of cool people seem depressed. Artist-types. But no. It's just not like that. Depression's a killer, and not just of bodies.

So. Now when I feel depressed, I try to find the express train outta Mopesville. Cuz there is absolutely nothing to be gained there. Nada damn thing. I haven't completely lost track of my point...Right, so the other night I was feeling unhappy, so I meditated. Something occurred to me that had NEVER occurred to me before: I actually have no problems. Seriously. I do not have a single problem. All I have are things to do, and Resistance to doing them. Now, thanks to Steven Pressfield's phenomenal book The War of Art, Check it out.I am aware that Resistance is a fact of life and that anyone who wants to accomplish anything of value must learn to overcome it. Every damned day. That is not a problem. That is a job.

Wish me luck.