15 October 2011

Reading List

Btw, the Reading List has gone bust. More on that later.

Enceinte: Things Change

Enceinte. Most probably you know the story about how the censors wouldn't let anyone on the cast of I Love Lucy say the word "pregnant" when Lucy Ricardo was carrying Little Ricky, so the French word enceinte was substituted.

Undoubtedly it is more appropriate for a somewhat prissy (but never prudish) citygirl to be enceinte than preggo, pg, knocked up (though I kind of like that one), with child (how Virgin Mary), in a delicate condition, in trouble, in a family way (ugh). And please, no effing buns in any effing ovens. If I want to bake, I'll bake! (I don't bake.)

So, the point is: the focus of this blog is going to change a bit, which is fine, because I was way too precious about it before, so precious that I hardly ever blogged. Not to worry. Gory details will be limited, not only because it is rude to blog about them, but also because I am squeamish and will be trying to avoid them myself.