07 December 2011

The Near Future, Random Musings, Literary Drive-By

On Friday, I shall set sail for minute stops in lovely locales (tourist-approved areas only). On the itinerary are Aruba, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Grand Cayman. Since I am not yet independently wealthy I will not be paying the exorbitant internet usage rates charged by Princess Cruise Lines. Even if I were, I probably would not pay on principle. So, dear readers, all 1.5 of you, hold steady, I shall return. Let's hope that I will be refreshed, relaxed and overflowing with creativity.

Enceinte update: Had the NT scan yesterday. This is some sort of ultrasound test that purports to tell you whether your baby's neck is thick enough to possibly have Down's Syndrome. They do this if you're of "advanced maternal age," or over 21. (Don't even get me started on the teen moms on my internet baby  boards. "Why is my family so unsupportive?" Ummm, maybe because you're a moron who'll have a baby with thug-of-the-week and then complain because he doesn't pay you any attention.) Citybabe's neck is thin. Citybaby also has hands and feet, which I noted while watching it show off its yoga moves. Citybabe is as yet shy about revealing her gender, but those of us in the know, know she's a girl. The doctor also moved my due date up a week. Oooo-kay. I tried to explain to him my targeted approach to babymaking and the less-than-likely possibility that the baby was conceived sooner than was originally thought. But he didn't listen. After all he has an MD, a machine and memories of delivering Shirley Temple, and I just have my calendar, my brain and my own damned body. I'm glad he's not my regular OB.

As for books: Must confess, I'm happier than Tim Tebow's agent that I've discovered so many new mystery series thanks to M. Penzler. Perfect for a cruise. Light, entertaining, some humorous, some violent. Finished The Guards by Ken Bruen (brilliant Irish guy), Right as Rain by George Pelecanos (recognized some stuff from The Wire) and Resurrection Row by Anne Perry (delightful!). And I've got a stack more stashed for the trip. 


  1. Enjoy the vacation. Am I the 1/2?

  2. Oh I'm so happy hearing you'll be visiting the Grand Canyon! I once took a train there; I did not know that cruise liners travel there these days too!

  3. Geez, EF, it's the 21st century. You can take a ship ANYWHERE.

    Sam, no, EF's the 1/2.

  4. A cruise? How cool! I've always wanted to do one. And I recently (as in just the other day, as a matter of fact) read David Foster Wallace's essay, "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again." Have you read it? Although it's a pretty scathing attack on cruises, it actually made me want to take one even more!