19 October 2011

Literary Drive-By #00002: Mr. Woodhouse

Am I alone in finding Mr. Woodhouse, Emma's father, one of the most annoying characters in literature? Not amusing like Mrs. Bennet or Mrs. Dashwood, but just...I wish I could just scream, Shut up and eat your frickin' gruel! Well, I supposed I could scream that, but I don't think he would hear me, and if he did he'd probably just faint, which come to think about it, would shut him up. But it's a moo point.*

I'd rather hang out with Marianne and Elinor's sister-in-law than Mr. Woodhouse. But I don't suppose Miss Austen would care much for my opinion. It is the first time in my reading of Austen that I wished she'd cut some words. Feels sacrilegious, like criticizing Oprah.

*I prefer the usage of "moo" to "moot," from future classic sitcom Friends, in which dim bulb Joey says, "It's like a cow's opinion. It just doesn't matter. It's moo."


  1. Annoying? But how can that be? He was so darling as played by Michael Gambon in the BBC's production of Emma. Okay, so I've not read that Austen yet (nor have I yet read Mansfield Park). I can see where that character would annoy on the page as opposed to the screen, but still, Mrs. Dashwood? Egads, NO! That woman's a witch. I'd make every effort to steer clear of her. Of course, given that she's a fictional character that question is, indeed, moo.

  2. I think they'd have to make him more charming in a movie. And Dumbledore could never be annoying! Let's talk again after you've read Emma and see if the character holds up.