18 October 2011

Random Musings of the Enceinte #0001: On Being Cissexual

I am convinced that this child is a girl. I am so convinced that I am afraid that if it is, in fact, a boy, I am at this moment transgendering it with my belief. Not to be overly cissexual-normative, but being transgendered  seems really difficult, and dangerous....so sue me if I'd rather have a cissexual child. If you are transgendered and you are still reading this, I think you ought to give me points for knowing the word "cissexual." But I know you won't because that would be like me giving you points for knowing the word "African-American." No...that's not right. For knowing the word....damn it! I can't think of a sufficiently esoteric and politically-charged word to describe myself. I am soooo cissexual.


  1. I had to google "cisexual."

    We have a daughter. But in one the first ultrasound where the doctor said she would probably be able to tell the sex, she pointed out the penis, and told us we were going to have a boy. In our next visit, she told us it was a girl. "Hey, wait a minute," I said, "what happened to the penis? You pointed out the penis last time!" She just shrugged, and said it must've been a shadow or something. So we tell our daughter that for a few weeks, she was a boy.

    Great blog, cg! And I'm very happy for you and your husband's good news. It's a very exciting and wonderful time. But then they are born, and eventually turn seven, when all they want to do is listen to Taylor Swift and watch the Disney channel, and rub it in your face that you will never be able to beat her in a race ever again. I used to be able to beat her, like when she was three. But damn, that girl is fast now!

  2. Thanks, Bubba! I'm glad to know that mistaken identity doesn't lead to chromosomal changes, or something. And thanks for the tip. I won't be racing the kid around, but I'll be happy to watch her run around in circles until she knocks herself out. Nap time! I'm gonna be such a great mom.